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Who Is Straight Forward?

Straight Forward is a local teenage advocacy group funded by the Youth Safety Initiative of the Volunteers of America. High school students from across the region have worked together for months to help create this website, which is backed by a multi-media campaign. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness and communication between teens and parents when it comes talking about underage and unprotected sex.

Why Sex?

Sex is a big topic. It's a tough topic. But we're not here to choose sides. We're just a bunch of teens who got together to help initiate that vital conversation between parents and teens. As a source of information. Inspiration. Motivation. Parents, you need to talk to your teens. Teens, you need to talk to your parents. Enough said.

Special Thanks

Straight Forward and the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation wish to extend special thanks to the following for helping to make this campaign possible with their time, talent and support:

Argus Leader
Augustana College
Downtown Holiday Inn, Sioux Falls
Etc./Prime Magazines
Feller Broadcasting
Intersections Consulting
Lamar Outdoor
Lawrence & Schiller
Midcontinent Communications
Results Radio Group
Sioux Falls School District Instructional Planning Center
Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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