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Like it or not, your parents may be the best people to go to when you need advice or help, especially if the situation is serious. If you think you may be pregnant or have a disease, or you just have a question about sex, and you feel like you just can't talk to your parents-please, seek the help of a trusted adult, whether it's a teacher, a doctor or a pastor. You don't need to feel alone. And if you want to talk to your parents but aren't sure how to start, you could always use this campaign as a conversation starter. Good luck.

When Talking To Parents..

  • Show them the respect they are looking for, try not to be sarcastic or roll your eyes.
  • If you have a certain topic you want to talk to them about just come out and say it, by letting them know what you want to talk about you can avoid unnecessary stories they feel like sharing with you.
  • Be honest, there is no need to lie about something that could be serious.
  • Keep a "cool" head, if things started to get tense remember that you're the one who initiated this conversation and they are only trying to help.
  • Always remember your parents have already gone through all of this, even though they may not be up to par on all the different slang terms you and your friends use. Give them a chance.

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